Parking Wars Warns Against Stopping in Boston

Posted by John on November 06, 2008

Parking Wars Parking Glossary

A&E has runs a show on the lives of parking enforcers in Philadelphia. The show’s website, however, includes parking tips for various other cities including Boston. The site is also home to their parking glossary.

Flipping through this attempt at a Webster’s of city-parking reveals two contributions from our hub of the universe. First, Parking Markers as the famed winter ritual of old radiators, furniture, and trash bins in self-reserved snowy-street spaces. Second:

Parking Violation: In most cities, the act of parking illegally; in Boston, the act of stopping one’s car

…and yet no authority figures seem to notice when I’m stuck on Newbury St. behind two double parked cars and an unloading pickup truck. Then again, my fault for ever using Newbury St.

Now hold on a minute while I make sure that chair with a broken leg is still behind my apartment building in case it snows early this year.


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