The Five City Parkers You Meet in Hell

Posted by John on November 06, 2008
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Cars parked along a Beacon Hill street

Cars parked along a Beacon Hill street

Nobody likes searching for a place to put their car. In Boston, where a 24/7 off-street space can run upwards of $300/month (or more for a covered garage), street parking remains the only option for many residents already stripped of the better part of their month’s income by increasing apartment costs and the always-rising general cost of living in the city. Although having one’s own vehicle may seem less crucial with the growing push for alternative transportation options, car ownership continues to increase in the city and it has been projected that in some Boston neighborhoods today, actual parking spaces account for only a fifth of the number of stickers issued.

To those of us who live the great urban parking experience each day, finding a nighttime home for our beloved car in these asphalt jungles can be a nightmare waiting to happen.

To be clear, it’s a chess game- the techniques of which for effective spot-pouncing are as varied as the vehicles that probe the blacktops in search of their little slice of curb each evening. Such a game has brought to view a number of common approaches to reaching one’s goal. I call this cross section of the parking public…

The Five City Parkers You Meet in Hell

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Site is Live

Posted by John on October 28, 2008
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Site went live tonight. Hooray!