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Destination NYC – Creative Curbside Parking

Posted by John on November 15, 2008
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Creatively Parked Cars in NYCCreatively Parked Cars in NYC

This photo pretty much sums up the New York attitude towards streets with “No standing” signs posted.  Like Boston, there appears to be the same quasi-truce between parking enforcement and car owners on certain streets where the one group looks the other way so long as the second keeps the streets passable.  I seem to recall someone telling me a while back that in some cities like Providence, RI, if your tire is touching the curb at all, they will ticket the vehicle, but I can’t seem to find confirmation of this on the Providence city website.

On a side note, now that we’re back from NYC, the issues we’ve been having posting to the site have been resolved.  Normal posting schedules will resume tomorrow.  Thanks for bearing with us!

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Destination NYC – The First 36 Hours

Posted by John on November 10, 2008
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Traffic in Times Square

Update from NYC: Reinforcing the notion that this city is by far the best example of organized chaos in traffic engineering and parking control in the country, New York has their traffic enforcement down to a science.  Street signs are stacked six tall with curbside parking instructions that local drivers cruising for spaces digest in seconds as they pass while dodging pedicabs, cyclists, scooters, film crews, tourists, and taxicabs.  It is no wonder that handheld cell phones were outlawed in this state for drivers; one more distraction and these cars (along with any nearby tourists, hot dog stands, and local hipsters) would be piled on top of each other at every intersection.  While our fair city could learn a lot in terms of efficiency, consistency, and overall traffic management from the big apple, it isn’t all good news from the city that never sleeps.

Some initial impressions from the first two days:   Continue reading…

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Destination: New York City – Prologue

Posted by John on November 08, 2008
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This weekend and through Veteran’s day, Park and Pray goes on assignment to the Big Apple.  Powershot in hand, we hope to learn more about our parking neighbors to the south and compare the habits, regulations, and local auto-acrobatics to those we experience daily here in Boston.

The full report will go up early next week, but we’ll do our best to get some teasers and highlights up over the weekend while on-location.  

Other upcoming features to watch out for this coming week as we ramp up the site:

  • Park and Pray’s Parking Hall of Fame
  • The Tech of City Parking
  • Double-Parker’s Anonymous
  • …and MORE!
Stay tuned

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