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Free Meter Parking on Saturdays

Posted by John on November 30, 2008
Boston / 537 Comments

 The city of Boston has announced the continuation of its annual practice of removing parking meter fees during Saturdays between November 29th and December 27th.  Although all meters will be free, a two hour limit will be enforced, so don’t try for anything long-term.  There is also no indication of whether or not the city will be providing any visual indication of the new policy at the meters, but I’d guess this will be a relatively unadvertised adjustment in enforcement only.

Regardless, kudos to the city for giving us a break from digging quarters out of our pockets while we’re trying to max-out our credit cards on shiny stuff for the holidays.

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Multi-Space Parking Meter Skynet Drafts New Troops

Posted by John on November 07, 2008
Boston, Cambridge / 1,895 Comments
Multi-space Meters  

Multi-space Meters in Cambridge and Boston

The trend in both Boston and Cambridge is obvious – rip up the iron maiden-esque parking meters of old and replace them with multi-space, computerized, robo-meters – the network of which we can only assume will expand until they’ve succeeded in erecting some kind of street-side hive mind that will one day sell our parking habits to advertisers on google and decrease our credit rating a point per minute when our cars overstay their paid welcome. To this end, the city of Boston just recently announced the purchase of 63 new multi-space meters to assimilate the Back Bay.

These devices, even at their navy-purchasing-toilet-seats price of $10,000 per unit, have the bean counters at city hall in a frenzy since they’ve discovered that these robo-meters can produce upwards of 35% more income per space than their steel counterparts by accepting credit card payments (minimum $2 in Boston), preventing parkers from ‘time-sharing’ spaces, eliminating space-splitting by motorcycles, and minimizing the work necessary for meter funds collection. For the consumer, Continue reading…

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