resident parking – Parking Alerts for Boston and Cambridge

Posted by John on April 10, 2009
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We would like to announce Caffeinated Mind’s new web product: StreetParker ( a parking meter and street sweeper alert management system that lets you track where you’re parked, when the street sweeper is coming, and most importantly, allows you to set up custom alerts for when it’s time to move your car.

I have personally put a lot of effort into getting Street Parker off the ground and up to date so that it can be an accurate, useful, and effective tool for Boston and Cambridge residents alike, and hope that the inclusion of my efforts here doesn’t feel too much like a shameless plug.

The Beta version is online as of today, and it supports Boston and Cambridge exclusively for pre-stored street sweeping information (although it can be used anywhere for meter-minding and timed parking alerts) so please go check it out at and let us know what you think in the comments section! We’re still cleaning up some of our data, so if your street isn’t supported when it should be, or your street’s sweeping times look off, let us know about that too!

It’s rough out there from April through November, we hope this will help.

Let us know what you think!

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Cambridge Accepting 2009 Parking Renewal Applications

Posted by John on November 15, 2008
Cambridge / 1,508 Comments
Israel Ferraz's Winning Permit PhotoIsrael Ferraz’s Winning Permit Photo

Cambridge residents– don’t forget that your applications for new resident and visitor parking permits are due in the mail by January 14th for renewal before the January 31st expiration of 2008 permits, but can be mailed in as early as the beginning of this month.

Each year, Cambridge has a photo contest for the image to appear on the parking sticker. ¬†Israel Ferraz’s photo of Cambridge City Hall (pictured) was selected this year from the 125 submitted.

The city encourages locals to renew their permits as early as possible, noting that it can take up to three weeks to receive a new permit during the high-volume renewal period.  

As of November 1st, the city is accepting renewal applications that may be filled out online for residents who fit the following requirements: Continue reading…