Automotive Hibernation Strategies

Posted by John on February 04, 2009
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Hibernating Vehicles

Sleeping beneath the snow...

As winter grinds into February, and with it the weekly snowfalls that are starting to make me think that maybe asphault has always been brown and white and I just never noticed, one thing that every car owner in the city dreads is the inevitable moment of decision: do I move the car today?  Sure, you’re running out of toilet paper (stockpiled from an early december Costco run), the local pizza delivery guy knows you by name because you’ve tried every ridiculous page-filler combination on their menu (banana peppers, squash, bacon, and anchovies? PILE THEM ON!), and you keep telling yourself that you can make it to spring on the trash bags you’ve got if you melt everything down in oven first… but when the alternative is digging your beloved vehicle from weeks of snow and possibly giving up that great space that you can see from your bedside window, the decision always presents as a deeper question than “should I take the car out?” might let on.

While my car hibernates, I visit it about twice a week on my walk to the T to brush off the resident sticker and make sure the windows are still there.  Once every two weeks, I pry open the door, start it up, and let it run for about 30 minutes, before giving it a quick dust-off, locking up the doors, and heading on my way.  For a while, I thought my system was brilliant, but no… I am merely an amateur to this northeastern winter city car storage paradigm.  The following are some of the other approaches I’ve seen lately: Continue reading…

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